Saturday, January 17, 2015

53 is the new 35 - birthday wishes for my husband!

Hi there!

This past Thursday was my husband's birthday, we went out for a nice dinner - I let him pick, yup I am nice like that!  lol  Actually, I would eat the same thing and pick the same restaurant  all the time so it is best if he picks, anyway.  Yup I am boring like that! lolol

Anyway, on to the crafty bit, I was surfing Pinterest looking for  - oh who knows, randomness - anyway, I found this card that was pinned.  It had a cute sentiment about "50 being the new 25, twice".  Since the hubster turned 53, I needed to revamp the phrase, this is what I came up with...

I pretty much lifted the whole card, except that the one on Pinterest was a printable card, and you know I have to make mine a Silhouette cut file!

Nice to "see" you today!


  1. What a GREAT card Laura - our hubs are the same age.... for a few more weeks - I should lift this card for the "new 45" LoL

  2. Love your CAS card!!!!! I also LOVE your sketches! You'll be seeing more of your sketches in my work soon! Thanks for the inspiration! xo


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