Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Perfect Paint Colour Tutorial for Boys Rule Kit Club

Hi there!

I promised the other day that I would be back soon to share how I got the perfect paint colour for the wooden stars on this page, well today is that day.

So here is what I did....

Since it is difficult to always have the perfect paint colour on hand I keep a good supply of basic white paint - so grab some for yourself and some spray mist in a colour similar to what you would like your finished product to be and you are all set.

Spray mist had a nice deep pigment, so it colours the white paint really well.

You do not need a lot.

And it doesn't make the paint overly runny.

It paints up nice and dries quickly, giving a nice opaque finish to the wood star. 

Which means you can add your element to your page rather quickly, and even add a bit of Sharpie doodling!

Alternately, you could opt to not completely mix the two products completely together and you will get a mottled look when paint, this is super fun too.

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great tip! You have opened up my mind to a whole new concept.

  2. The paint looks great Laura! I love that color!!

  3. Such a great color, and I just love these papers to bits! They're perfect for a boy page, and once again, your design inspires.


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